Feminism: Where are we now? (with Christiane Amanpour)

Gloria Steinem: ‘You’re not crazy, the system is’ – CNN Video

Source: Gloria Steinem: ‘You’re not crazy, the system is’ – CNN Video

Saudi grand mufti defends full-face veil as row deepens | GulfNews.com

Saudi grand mufti defends full-face veil as row deepens | GulfNews.com.


“I am truly convinced about the fact that women do not have to cover their faces,  and my wife, who is a cousin, is equally convinced about it. Some extremists have been putting pressure on me to adopt their ideology, but I have refused,” 

– Religious scholar Ahmad Al Ghamdi

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UAE ranks first in world for respecting women

UAE ranks first in world for respecting women | GulfNews.com.

For the index as a whole, the UAE ranked number one in the Middle East and 37th worldwide.

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Pray for South Korea

Every body passengers of the ferry, that sunk in South Korea.




Emirati student develops unique vehicle for the disabled

Emirati student develops unique vehicle for the disabled | GulfNews.com.

t was a mistake that cost Reem Al Marzouqui an important grade in a university case, but it also led to the development of a unique vehicle to help disabled people.

The foot-controlled vehicle that Reem, a 23-year-old Emirati architectural engineering student, built can enable people with arm and upper torso disabilities to drive a car with relative ease.

Reem Al Marzouqui

My course had required that I find out how everyday items had been modified to help people with special needs, but I misunderstood this and thought I had to make the modifications myself

– Reem Al Marzouqui

We no longer have to fight for gender equality, Emirati women say | GulfNews.com

We no longer have to fight for gender equality, Emirati women say | GulfNews.com.

Despite Emirati women still having to do the lion’s share of housework they have proved themselves to be top achievers in the workplace.

“Not only do women work hard, they work harder than men. They are more committed and ambitious even if they are married and have children,” Saba Al Tukmachy, manager of career and competency development at Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc), told Gulf News.

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Pakistani village gives girls pioneering sex education class | GulfNews.com

Pakistani village gives girls pioneering sex education class | GulfNews.com.

“We cannot close our eyes. It’s a topic people don’t want to talk about but it’s fact of our life.” 

               – Akbar Lashari, head of Village Shadabad Organisation.

Sex education is common in Western schools but these ground-breaking lessons are taking place in deeply conservative rural Pakistan, a Muslim nation of 180 million people

Fashion photographer Langston Hues shows the hijab in international settings

Hijabistas in the UAE, take note: the Detroit-based photographer Langston Hues will be flying into Dubai this week as part of a world tour for a fashion shoot featuring style-conscious women with a focus on “modest” attire. The 25-year-old Hues plans to collate the images into a book, titled Modest Street Fashion, which is set for release by the end of the year.



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UAE’s Florence Nightingale dies at 80 | GulfNews.com

UAE’s Florence Nightingale dies at 80 | GulfNews.com.

Salma Al Sharhan, who was also dubbed as the UAE’s Florence Nightingale, was admitted to the Obaidallah Geriatric Hospital a few days ago, as she was suffering from age-related diseases, the official source at the Ras Al Khaimah Medical Zone said.

Her death came one week after a decision by the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Applied Technology to have a laboratory named after her at the Fatima College of Health Sciences in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.



Emirati woman renovates PowerPoint | GulfNews.com

Emirati woman renovates PowerPoint | GulfNews.com.

Fatima Al Zaabi received an invitation to the White House and was also approached by Google and Microsoft to sell her product


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